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350w 3in1 moving head light
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1.Input voltage: AC 90-240V 50-60Hz
2.Light source: YODN 17R
3.Color system: color wheel: 14 + 1, rainbow effect
4.System design: design: 17 + 1 fixed pattern white
Focus system: electric focus
5.Linear dimming curve: 0% -100% linear dimming
6.Prism system: eight prism, rotating, macro function
7.Display: LCD display accommodate different mounting positions
8.540° horizontal and 270° vertical scanning, fast and smooth, fixture intelligent photoelectric correction system reset, accidental malfunction,
9.It can automatically restore the original position
In addition, more horizontal and vertical locking knob, more convenient maintenance and handling
10.Using CFD software analysis and calculation of heat flow fixtures
11.Low-noise cooling system design, fan drive performance, low noise
12.Waterproof rate: IP55

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